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Pipe Major Dirk Otten has over 25 years experience in playing the Bagpipes.

His musical career began in the ‘Mac Kenzie’s Pipe Band in Ghent (Belgium) in 1993, after 6 months of hard work his first set of pipes were purchased.
Played for 6 months in the Red  Hackle Pipe Band.
In 1996, a small group that wanted to go in competition was launched, that became ‘the Fleming Pipe Band’, in Ghent - East Flanders 
In 1997 Dirk became Pipe Major of the Fleming Pipe Band. 
Within three years, the Band was eager to learn and grow into a well-know Band that performed well at competitions, ceremonies, Scottish fairs, weddings, funerals, whiskey-tastings, School parties, etc…
In 1998, Dirk became also a playing member of  the ‘Antwerp & District Pipe Band’ (Belg) and Mühl Pipes & Drums (Belg) that played Grade 3a and open Grade 2.
In 2001 The Fleming Pipe Band prepared to compete, 'what nobody expected', on the Saturday 8 September 2003  'and for the first time on Greens',  The Fleming Pipe Band became  7nd out of  27 bands in the European Championships in Grade 4.
Dirk Otten was the First Pipe Major in the Province East-Flanders Belgium that brought a Pipe Band that far.

Records : 
Solo's and as a Pipe Major of The Fleming Pipe Band (Belg)
1999 - 1st place 6/8 March solo Championships (NL)
2000 - 1st place 6/8 March solo Championships (NL)
2001 - 1st place 6/8 March solo National Championships (Belg)
2001 – 1st place grade 4 ( PM Dirk ) Fleming Pipe Band National Championships (Belg) 
2002 - 1st place grade 4 ( PM Dirk ) Fleming Pipe Band National Championships (Belg)  
2002 - 1st place 2/4 March solo National Championships (Belg)
2002 -1st place Strathspey & Reel solo National Championships (Belg)
2002 -1st place 6/8 March solo National Championships (Belg)
2003 – 7nd  place Fleming PipeBand (Belg) in European Championships out of 27 Pipe Bands " 
Records : 
Piper Dirk with Antwerp & District Pipe Band  / Mühl Pipes & Drums.
1998 - 3rd  place in Grade 3A at the Cowal Games in Dunoon (Scotl)
1999 - 2nd place in Grade 3A in Pipe Band Championships Alden Biesen (Belg)
2000 - 3rd place in Grade 3A at the British Championships, Ashbourne (Uk)
2001 - 1st place Grade 3A in Colchester (Essex –Uk)
           - 1st in Grade 2 and 3A in Leipzig Pipe Band Competition (Germany)
2002 - 1st place in Grade 2 and 2nd in grade 3A Continental PB Championships (NL)
           - 2nd place in Grade 3A at the Cowel Games, Dunoon (Scotl)
           - 1st place Open Grade - 2nd place Grade 2 & 3A in Pipe Band Championships 
            Alden Biesen (Belg)

R e m e m b e r i n g s - C o m m e m o r a t i o n s :
Belgium para's killed in Rwanda (Solo Piper) 
Nieuwpoort World War I - II @ monument (Solo Piper)
Ieper Gate West-Flanders World War I - II (Solo Piper)
Passendale West-Flanders World War I - II (Solo Piper)
Ghent East-Flanders World War II (Dampoort) family member Dirk's mother side.
Landing @ Normandië 6 Juni 1944 - Omaha Beach - France (Solo Piper )
'The Pipers Memorial' Longueval - Somme - France (participant piper)

Special events:
Participant Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2006 (Scotland)
Guest performance @ Balmoral Castle for the Queen 2006 (Scotland)
Concert Youth-Ensemble & recording cd (Tielt), Belgium
Concert Youth-Ensemble, conductor Peter Valck (Wakken), Belgium
Concert Youth-Ensemble Tielt in Tyrol (Italy)
Concert with conductor Jurgen De Smet & Choir & Piper special act (Munte), Belgium
Piping concert 'Antwerp & District & recording cd (Antwerp) Belgium
Millenium Parade (7600 pipers), Edinburgh (Scotland)
Belgium tv - VRT 'Hoe Zo' - Pipe Band Pipe Major Dirk

Phone: 062 604 1426

Lone Piper @ Normandie cemetery "Omega Beach"

First Price Medal in Duet.  South Africa

Visit Pipers Facebook page to see some of his performance " Pipe Major D.Otten" Facebook

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